The Best Side is the West Side

Grand Turk is a slender island running north to south; the east and west sides are the real, usable coastlines with the west side being clearly more desirable.

The west side is more desirable for a variety of reasons: Sunsets, calm seas and less windy, cleaner sand and more of it, and the beach is continuous without interruption, but most importantly – the land is at water level so you can simply walk onto the beach from your house.


The east side unfortunately is up on a cliff and access directly to the beach is very difficult if not impossible in places. Be very careful when booking your vacation to make sure your place is on the west side and not up on the cliff on the eastern shore. Rates vary dramatically from one side of the island to the other, make sure you are aware of what you are getting.


We are on the west side and have wonderful beach access right out our door as seen in our pictures.