Back Flips on the Beach

Good Morning from Grand Turk. The weather here today is going to be … did I say HOT! 89 F!

There’s a little tropical disturbance off the coast I’m keeping my eye on. It will bring in a few showers and maybe a bit of thunder and lightning. Those showers last about 10 minutes at tops.

On the beach yesterday it was all about doing handstands, back flips, and walkovers. Someone appeared to be having a bit of trouble with the back handsprings and handstands. After providing a bit of input and direction, she got it. Oh yea, I offered to show her how to do a few moves, she laughed. I mean, really laughed. Up for a bit of a challenge and to put the child in her place, I showed her how her old mother had not lost all her childhood ability to play (and did I mention I was on the gymnastics team in high school?). Now who’s laughing? MEEEEE! She was shocked!.“How do you do that?”


Needless to say, she was much more receptive to my instruction after I’d demonstrated my ability to actually do what I was attempting to teach. Mommy power.

Off for another great day at the beach. Today we are heading to the fish market later on, to see what we’ll be having for dinner. Fresh caught, catch of the day, filleted, and handed over, fresh out of the sea and off the boat.

I have everything else ready and waiting: rice, seasoning, cilantro, tomatoes, peppers, lemon … bring it on!