Arriving Today in Heaven on Earth

From a recent visitor to our beachside bungalow:

A beautiful day for flying. All great words begin with the letter A: Alexandria, Adventure, Amazing, Awesome, Adorable.

Lucky for me I get to work my way through the alphabet for words to describe my totally amazing life. The ocean is 85 degrees! Alex and I just came in from a late-night dip. I’ve only been on this particular island for three hours and I’m already experiencing that Caribbean laid-back attitude.

The people here on Grand Turks are so kind and polite. Started our day out on a flight from home. Landed in Providenciales and puddle jumped to South Caicos, then onto Grand Turks. It wouldn’t be an adventure if you didn’t get a scare in there somewhere!

First, and hopefully last, aborted takeoff while departing South Caicos. Very small plane, maybe 20 people. I am indeed the luckiest person in the world. I pray all the time, especially while I’m embarking on travel that involves moving anything more than, say five feet above the ground. Here’s how I look at it: one very smart pilot decided, at the last minute, to have another go at it. That’s fair. He clearly has way more experience flying than I do.


Sitting here at dusk, cool breeze blowing through the cottage. I can hear the tide breaking on the shoreline 40 feet away. Church doesn’t start until 6:30 p.m. tomorrow. That means I can grab some extra zzzzzs in the morning. I know I have a long day of playing with Alex, on the beach, ahead of me. Like I said — luckiest person in the world.

Beautiful, crystal-clear water on our approach to Turks and Caicos.

Thanks Drew and Joanie for making this possible.