Snorkeling Out the Back Door

We are just back in from an evening snorkel. It never ceases to amaze me just how pretty the fish are in this water. There were hundreds of little neon fish, just swimming around us. Like sparrows, ebbing and flowing, changing direction in unison, it was so pretty. A beautiful blue and magenta and yellow fish was ducking in and out of the coral reef. All this just feet off the shoreline, right in front of The Beachside Bungalow, Grand Turk. This is the perfect place for a family vacation.


A friend on Facebook was asked, “Wow, you sure are high on this vacation, why?” Her response was this:

Hey, it’s all about ensuring that all my friends seriously think about coming down here! Honestly, the place is amazing. If a place can keep me entertained (now into our second week) and feeling right at home, it’s a surefire vacation destination!

I can, occasionally, be a bit hard to please! Seriously, go online, book the place for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! Groceries, restaurants, fresh fish, the market, the ATM … all within walking distance. The “Belongers” are truly wonderful, kind and polite people. You won’t find a better island stay. I know this destination is definitely going on my “return to” list of options!